April 23, 2019
About Us

IPAddresser.com is dedicated to providing users with detailed information about IP addresses, who owns them and how they work. More importantly, IPAddresser.com offers a way for Internet users worldwide to communicate about IP Addresses and report those which cause problems — such as sending SPAM emails, attacking websites and distributing malware.

The IP Address system is as old as the Internet itself. Those four numbers provide a virtual location in cyberspace which the Internet routes through intermediate steps to a destination. Many IP Addresses are mapped using the DNS system, so that instead of having to type an obscure address into a web browser, a user can type a friendlier name like "www.ipaddresser.com".

Unfortunately, most of the harmful elements on the Internet do not set up domain name entries pointing to them. They'd rather remain anonymous and hide from the average user.

That's where IPAddresser.com steps in. By typing an IP Address into the blank at the left, any user can immediately get or share information about what traffic has originate from that address. We also provide detailed geo-location information for that address.

Since IP Addresses are assigned to specific Internet providers, this information is invaluable. It cannot change every day like a DNS entry. So, IPAddresser.com offers its users a consistent and useful tool for identifying who in the Internet is helpful and who is causing problems.

Want more information on IPAddresser.com? Click the Contact Us link and send us an email. We try to respond to user requests as quickly as possible.